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If you want to be Happy, BE

Leo Tolstoy

The simplest, smallest, yet a very profound quote. I read it back in my school days. It stuck in my head, and the more that I thought about it, the more intense it became. I made a small poster and stuck it on my wall. So it kind of affected me in my early years. I keep remembering and running it in my mind.


The quote though small, has two parts. First a question, What do I want to be? We all think that we want to be happy, and yet we act on the contrary to that belief. So, pause, think, do I really want to be happy?

The second part, act on it, just Be Happy! That’s all there to it. I don’t need a reason or an excuse to be happy. If I decide to be happy, nothing can stop me. I need to remember, the contrary is also true.

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