We are what we think.

Every information we consume, goes through a process of analysis, debate, comparison, confusion, conclusion repeatedly – consciously or subconsciously. These information create thoughts, which are either constructive, destructive, just oscillating between the two or drifting into nothingness. They create a pattern through which we view the world and behave accordingly.

Hence, it is important for us to pause and be aware of what goes on in our mind. This awareness would hopefully lead us to think in a certain way and train ourselves to think beautifully. It is indeed a wonderful way to spend time with oneself.

Why Write

Today’s era of constant information influx and transient focus; creates mental chatter and fleeting thoughts. It difficult to observe and structure our thoughts. Some beautiful thoughts vanish before we can sow them.

Writing them down, emphasises focus, creates a structure, helps it develop and saves it for posterity.

Why Online

The facility of accessing your ideas anywhere, anytime coupled with the ability to modify them as your thoughts mature was a compelling reason.

About Me

Any definition of me is just a label. Wanderer, runner, thinker, dancer etc. They mean nothing. Truth is


I am Somebody, Anybody, Nobody, Everybody (SANE)

The thoughts and ideas presented here are based on the universal wisdom freely available for anyone who seeks. I might sometimes add my opinion and interpretations to them. But they are just that; based entirely on my prejudices and limited knowledge.

Wherever possible I have tried to attribute the source of information. Do let me know in case I miss it. I do not claim any right to any thoughts or ideas presented here. Feel free to copy, share, distribute it as you like.

In case you like/dislike or have contributions, feedback, opinion, on any of these ideas, please feel free to share in the comments. Ideas shared will develop and grow. I’d love to modify/include them on this site.

Let’s grow together, Be Kind, Think Beautifully, Live Gloriously!