Let’s Fight

Image – Pixabay

One day two monks were were walking towards the dining area with a loaf of bread each in their hands.

The first monk said to the other, “brother, do you realise, we have been staying away from civilisation, in this monastery on top of a mountain for forty years, and we have not fought?”

The second monk said, “yes brother, that is true indeed”.

To that, the first monk exclaimed, “Today, let’s fight, it would be fun!”

Second monk nodded in agreement and said, “yes, let’s do that; but what do we fight about?”

The first monk looked at the loaf of bread in the second monk’s hands, and said, “This piece of bread, belongs to me, it’s mine!”

The first monk extended his hands offering the bread and said, “Ok, take it”.


Possession and Greed are the two vices that lead to conflicts.

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